Vangal is investment literacy for young professionals

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Mark helps folks achieve the best versions of themselves through his dynamically diverse speaking. As a premier keynote speaker, Mark engages people of all ages to “make your mark” on the world.

If you are a working professional, entrepreneur or a free lancer, we help your money make money.

Someone is sitting in the shade today, because they planted a tree a long time ago

Warren Buffet

Here are some assumptions we make about you. If these are not true, we are not a good fit for you.

  1. You earn money from a “day job” and are interested in growing that money via investing
  2. You manage your debt (home loan, EMI, automobile loan, student loan) well and are able to set aside a little money (even 1% – 10% of your income is good) to invest
  3. You want to learn about the financial markets and be investment literate
  4. You want to learn about stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, cryptocurrencies, futures, options and other financial products
  5. You are a DIY (Do It Yourself) investor – as opposed to a Do It For Me (use a financial advisor)

What we offer

We offer short videos, articles, blog posts and templates. Education and objective advice mixed with opinion for investing in the market is what we do well.

What we do not offer

We are not a stock tips or stock trading advice website. Do not take our opinions as gospel. Please do your own research after you hear from us. Check other sources as well.

A huge mistake that many of us make is to work hard for money, and not require money to work in return for us.

  • Daniel Willey

How we make money

We plan to (2021 and beyond) offering advanced training and coaching for those who wish to make investing a full time career. When there are a few sponsors for our education, we will inform you and disclose them.